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Kevin Townsend is an internationally recognized artist and educator currently living and working in the suburbs of Kansas City. Townsend has taught academic and studio-based practices at accredited colleges of art and design for the last 13 years working at Maine College of Art, MassArt, SMFA at Tufts, KCAI, and K-State. In addition to teaching Townsend is known for his dynamic curriculum development, developing courses for East Brunswick High School (NJ), MassArt Pre-college program, Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, SMFA Drawing and Painting and most recently for KCAI's new Foundations Year Experience. Kevin also currently serves as CO-DIRECTOR / CO-CURATOR for long-running KC artist-run gallery, plug.

Kevin's expanded drawing practice centers around mark-making, obsession, and the phenomenology of time. His current practice brings together elements of drawing, sound, video, installation, and performance where the resulting works are temporary, durational, and often public. Kevin Earned a BFA from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University and an MFA in Art Practice from School of Visual Arts.

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Time-space compression is an inescapable fact of contemporary life. In our era of instantaneous imaging and accelerated electronic transmissions, distant locations and times are brought closer together. We live our lives immersed in multiple time-flows simultaneously and are capable of being present both physically and virtually. My work exists at the intersection of meditation and obsession. It centers around an exploration of the physics and phenomenology of time as translated through the act of drawing. The large-scale durational works give form to the often invisible accretion of time in our minds and bodies while exploiting our odd, subjective experience of its passing. I find an agency in the repetition of a humble act, gesture or mark. I believe that marks are events, recording a moment of change from present to past. Marks transform the maker, the viewer and the object they act upon; they consume and transmit energy. They fuel perception, cognition, and sensation across space and time. As they evolve the drawings have begun to construct their own space, to coalesce into structures and flows on the scale of architecture, immersing viewers within them to better reflect our relationship to time-space.

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