I am driven by issues surrounding memory, its formation, storage and subsequent degradation over time. I am consumed with thoughts regarding the ways in which we are marked by time and the way that memory becomes the architecture of our identity.

My current body of work aims to explore and exploit a range of drawing ontologies— simultaneously engaging drawing as ritual and vessel. I am interested in creating works that occupy and encapsulate both space and time, where marks exist as signifier and stain, binding and boundary, act and action. The process, materials and form of this work evolved as a means of evoking binary oppositions— issues of temporality and permanence, strength and fragility, fullness and emptiness, presence and absence that resonate with our conception of and relationship to our memory. 

Most of my work is about the intersection of concept, form/materials and process. 

The work I’ve been doing more recently with the repetitive lines is about time and memory— specifically about the idea that we don’t get to choose which moments accumulate within us as memory. 

I think of memory as the residue of our experiences which become the architecture of our identity— so much of my recent work has been working with drawings that take a significant amount of time and labor, where the visual end result is not predetermined and any ‘image’ that is formed is born out of repetition and accumulation.

The act of drawing like this indulges my obsessions and opens itself to chance.

Lately I’ve been working more with public performative pieces instead of lasting works that can be collected or possessed because I want them to be about time, to exist only as memories and have the same ephemeral quality that life has. I also enjoy liberating the act of making from the privacy of the studio to the the more public— it embeds a value in process over product that I enjoy but it also makes the work accessible. One of my issues with the art world is that access to art is often linked to money and privilege and by taking the works public that privilege is removed…