STRIA: lost time, misplaced moments

Part of Art in Odd Places 2014 FREE in NYC, along 14th street

Stria: lost time, misplaced moments is a series of ephemeral, performative drawings that result from a simultaneously obsessive and meditative drawing act. Rendering passing moments through the repetition and accumulation of line, these temporary works are both created and confronted in interstitial pedestrian spaces where the present moment is often overlooked.

the thing that became very interesting as these un-permitted, public drawings were being made, was the resistance of building owners to allowing these temporary chalk drawings to exist in front of their buildings.

While they were always intended to exist briefly, many of these drawings only existed for the duration of their making. In the case of the drawing above I drew for nearly 2 hours before being approached by building management to stop which was immediately followed by the arrival of a clean up crew (who apologized endlessly for having to clean it, as I apologized for adding to their work load). 

The work became an interesting cycle of labor, my own and those who were made to clean up after me. For me the work totally changed— it became about the dialogs I had with building owners, their custodial employees and the public— each of whom asked why I would invest so much time/effort into something that I knew would be washed away (by rain or mop)…

I had planned to be silent and to ignore the public as I drew, I abandoned that plan and as a result had several spectacular conversations as I drew.