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I am obsessed with the physics and phenomenology of time— fascinated by time’s accretion within us, and our unequal, subjective experience of its passing. I am intrigued by the ways in which we experience the present, presence and duration and how the tidal gravity of a given moment can warp and distort our experience of time. My expanded drawing practice centers around the accumulation of marks over time, a phrase capable of succinctly encapsulating the concepts of drawing and memory formation. In my practice, durational drawing functions as an act of construction, a record of thought through time and space, and an amalgamation of moments capable of expanding from their surfaces into a communal perceptual field and forming a collective memory. My process pairs obsessive repetition with duration as a means of inhabiting the present and triggering an authentic and instinctual method of working.  By employing rituals and repetitions that verge on the meditative, each mark is made in reaction to the perception of the mark that preceded it and not in service of a pre-planned image. The marks deposited over the duration of these works exist as evidence of action, presence, labor and time, the act and artifact of the drawing are fused by memory, the work becomes a vessel encapsulating the space, time, thoughts and sensations of its construction.

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