drawing room no.2

12 hour, durational, unfixed chalk drawing on 7 blackboard panels
(assembled as a 6’ x 6’ x 6’ 8” room for 36 hours )

each unfixed chalk line is a tendril of time; temporal, fragile and impermanent— holding sensation, attention and intention. A series of sequential moments represented as mark, are accumulated until  structure emerges, mirroring the way a series of cognitions, sensations, minutes and seconds coalesce in our minds into a unified moment- the substance of memory. 

Once completed each drawing lasts for a brief period of time in its location before the walls are reclaimed. The chalk is washed away, dissolving the drawing’s structure and marks. As the series progresses it will become impossible to fully cleanse the surfaces. Residual chalk will build in the grain of the wood, greying the dark field and reducing the contrast between the lines (of future drawings) and the ground. Pressure lines, from the heavy-handed act of drawing, will mar the surfaces and each panel will hold its own history, clouded by time and the residue of the past.