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accumulated moments

accumulated moments

For this public facing work the wall surface was first treated with a mixture of tinted portland cement and latex paint to create a surface that was both dark enough to create contrast and textured enough to accept the chalk. Each mark in this work has two components, a 3 second initial mark and a tail that descends from the initial mark to the bottom of the wall. This piece was made in response to my reading of a cross-cultural study investigating and attempting to quantify the duration of human perception of the present. The study, (I’m sorry I can’t find it right now to properly site it) suggested that this duration was 3 seconds long. The average hug, hand shake, eye contact, greeting, kiss on the cheek, etc all lasted an average of 3 seconds. Additionally when a metronome plays a beat at a rate slower that 20 BPM humans are incapable of discerning the pattern. This drawing was an effort to extend and accumulate a series of 3-second moments until their repetition and aggregation yielded a form.

chalk, portland cement and latex paint on wall surface
9’ x 18’  // duration 18 hours