another image (beautiful)

an artwork you (and I) will never see in person passes by just beyond your touch

its meaning, intent, content and craft registered — traced over by the swipe of a finger.
pure conceptual art has found its home in the age of the internet
as has purely decorative or mimetic art. 

we’ve moved from museum as a cultural framing device for art, to the screen as the framing device and in the process we’ve potentially begun the process of limiting art (and the possibilities of art) to only that which resembles or reflects what we already know art to be (what it looks like). Context, or the art we see around other art, provides us with a means of assessment.

(but we’ve also democratized the experience of art in this contemporary framework and connected more people to more art than any generation in history— ) In some ways we’ve detached art from the financially rooted art market, further establishing its sociomaterial value but we’ve also created a visual economy in the process. Images as currency or commodity and it’s important to note that in most cases these are images of representations of ideas or images of images- Plato and Baudrillard have both warned us of this…

Why is this what I’m thinking about and compelled to type as I scroll through my phone with my first morning espresso?